Friday, November 20, 2015

Save Money With Mitchell Insurance @Mitchellinsure1

My husband recently joined Swagbucks and one of the offers on there was geared toward saving people money on their auto insurance.  He completed the form, hit send and a little while later he had a message from Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc.  We are saving so much money!

We are now paying less than half of what we were paying Allstate.  We have better coverage and more extras like roadside assistance and rental car coverage if we get into an accident and our car has to be in the shop for a while.  We are also paying less than half on our renters insurance.

We always pay our auto and renters insurance on a monthly basis.  Every other insurance company has required one month up front plus the current month.  I was really happy when I found out that we didn't have to pay the first month up front this time.  How cool is that?  My husband and I both have really great driving records, so there is no reason that we should be paying out the wazoo for car insurance.

With Allstate, we waited days before receiving an answer to a question.  Kelly over at Mitchell Insurance Agency promptly responded to every single question we asked.

I am thrilled with my new auto and renters insurance company!!! If you are looking to save some money, receive great service and have better coverage, give Kelly a call or email her at

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