Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Addicted to Homeland

Posted by Hyman Weeks

I decided that I have a really addictive personality. I know that sounds ridiculous but ever since I got DirecTV at home I can't find a show that I like on TV without making sure I'm DVRing every single episode of it, and when I get home and have more than one episode to watch I will watch them all no matter how late I have to stay up. That's what happened to me the other day when I discovered Homeland which is a new show on Showtime this year. There have only been 12 episodes but it took me exactly 12 hours to get through all of them… I stayed up until four in the morning! It's not like I have a lot of vices and I'm not addicted when it comes to terrible things like alcohol or cigarettes so I guess this really isn't the worst thing in the world but it is kind of embarrassing to tell someone I can't control myself when I find a TV show that I really, really like.


  1. That sounds very interesting. The Walking Dead is my current obsession!
    radeolover at yahoo dot com

  2. Is it because you have to see it now or could you wait and watch the other half the next night? Do you get tired staying up the next day or does this continue day after day? I think I am addicted to this computer whereas before I would want everything organized around me and now I want to be on the computer and seem to care less about what is around me. I have to force myself to do what I should do. My kids are grown so it doesn't matter there. I guess there could be worse addictions. Rita Spratlen

  3. im addicted to tv too! i think most people are!

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