Friday, September 25, 2015

Keep Your Bras Looking New With The Spaworks Bra Wash Laundry Bag #review

**I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.**

I used to buy cheap bras that only lasted six months to a year.  I didn't really see the importance of spending extra money and getting a better quality bra.  When I got together with my husband he made it his mission to teach me to take better care of myself and spend a little extra cash up front for things that would last.  One of the main things he made sure of is that I had comfortable, great quality bras. 

When you spend a lot of money on something, you want to take good care of it to ensure it's integrity.  I did hand-wash my unmentionables but that was a pain, so I started being lazy and just throwing my bras in the washer.  I ended up ruining one of them because the strap got caught and I pulled too hard and ripped it.  I no longer have to worry about that happening again.  I can rest assured that my bras will get clean and stay in one piece thanks to the Spaworks Bra Wash Laundry Bag.  What an amazing invention! 

This product is made for cup sizes A, B, C and D and the mesh bag can go in the washer and the dryer.  It's a great way to keep your bras fresh and clean without having to worry about rips or tears.  It also works for your undies!  This would make a great gift.  I recommend this product 100%!

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