Saturday, September 12, 2015

Time To Travel

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All my life I have dreamed of travelling around the world. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to make this dream a reality. Lavish vacations aren't exactly something I can afford at the moment. Even so, I do think about what it would be like to meet people from a different place with different customs. I will spend a couple hours just browsing vacation websites and daydreaming about the day that I can actually visit them. Of course, my idea of "travelling" would be to travel to another continent. Italy is my number one choice because I am a huge fan of pasta. Yes, I want to take a vacation to a place mainly because they have the best food. If I were to take a trip, I would definitely need to take advantage of a translation service. It always amazes me when people will travel to another country and have no idea how to speak the language. I would be terrified to do that! What if there was no way to get your point across? Especially if there was some sort of emergency. What do you think? Have you travelled to another country and if so, were you able to speak the native language?

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