Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Join Giving It Away & Win Prizes

I signed up about a week ago for this site called Giving It Away.  I absolutely love entering giveaways and winning different items.  It's really easy to enter.  Join here today & please use me as a referral - NJXfL.
  1. Sign up for free
    Create your free account. You will never be required to pay or purchase anything to be eligible for any of our giveaway.
  2. Enter Giveaways
    Go to your dashboard, watch the giveaway video and enter the giveaway by either clicking the twitter tweet button or YouTube comments button (to go to YouTube and leave a comment on the giveaway video). These buttons are located below the giveaway video on your dashboard. Clicking one of these buttons gets you 1 entry into that giveaway.
    When the red that is beside the twitter and YouTube buttons turns to a green then you've received 1 entry for clicking that button. Isn't that easy!?
  3. Get free stuff!
    You will earn Givitbucks by entering giveaways and referring new members. Each entry you receive gets you 1 Givitbuck and each new member you refer gets you 100 Givitbucks! Redeem Givitbucks in our store for givit gear or redeem 5 Givitbucks for 1 entry into any giveaway.

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