Thursday, October 27, 2011

There's Nothing Better Than A Hot Cup Of Coffee On A Cold Day

I was kind of a "late bloomer" when it came to drinking coffee. My parents don't drink it and I just never really saw the point in trying it. That all changed in my early twenties. I tried a cup and added sugar and cream, of course. After that, I was addicted. I love that you can totally mix it up by using different flavors of coffee and cream. I'm so excited about fall because it makes drinking coffee so much more enjoyable. I know, you can drink coffee all year round, which I do but there is something about the cold air and a hot drink that has a calming effect.  I can already picture myself bundled up in my slanket with a hot mug of coffee and a good book.  I'm experimenting right now and I am going to Buy Kona Coffee. Have you tried Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?  I'm really interested in trying different types of gourmet coffee.  I think I'll pick up some cookies to go with it.  Why not go all out?  Gourmet coffee would be especially good around the holidays.  Or even just to drink while I sit and chat with friends.  All this talk about coffee is making me thirsty... 

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