Friday, October 29, 2010

Flag football can be rough

Guest post written by Donald Trent

Basically anything that me and my friends do, we turn it into the most extreme version that you can think of. That even goes for flag football, which you wouldn't think would be really extreme, but we take it very seriously. We always get together on the weekends and play it together and it's turned into kind of a big event and a lot of our families and girlfriends cook out and watch us play in teh park.

When I was online about a week ago I was sending out einvites for all of the upcoming games over the next month or so and was thinking about how big of a deal it's turned into over the past year that it's existed. Then I randomly came across this web site and I think we might switch over our internet to it.

Well, right now I'm not contributing a whole lot to the team besides organizing the events and making sure that everyone stays in contact because of a flag football injury with my knee. But I think IÕm almost better and IÕll be back on the field again soon.

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