Monday, October 25, 2010

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Review: Preserve Recycled Plastic Tableware Pack

Preserve PlasticTM is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and melamine-free. Preserve obtains their plastics from a network of trusted providers and test every batch that they reprocess into Preserve products. In response to the proliferation of confusing news about plastic safety related to baby bottles, plastic water bottles, and other products, Preserve conducted further analysis of the plastics it uses. It confirmed the safety of its plastics and summarized their findings in a September 2008 statement. See

The recycled plastic is made from #5 polypropylene plastic collected from individuals and companies. The recycling process begins with the grinding down of clean plastic products into flakes. These flakes are melted, subjected to high heat and pressure, and cut into smooth pellets. The pellets are used to make Preserve products. During processing, each batch of plastic is tested for foreign elements, such as heavy metals, and all of the plastics exceed the United States Environmental Protection Agency's foreign elements standards for drinking water.

Choosing Preserve Plastic translates into a sizeable reduction in greenhouse gases emitted, and significantly less water, energy, oil, natural gas, and coal used in making plastic. Preserve uses a tool known as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess the environmental impact of its materials, products, and services. When compared to virgin polypropylene, Preserve plastic requires approximately 54% less water, 64% less greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents), 75% less oil, 48% less coal, 77% less natural gas, and 46% less electricity.

From the Green Ostrich website 

I love my new Preserve Recycled Plastic Tableware Pack! It makes me really happy when I quality, eco-friendly products because they make going green so enjoyable.  These products are durable and best of all, they are dishwasher-safe which is a must in my house.  I also love the handle on the side of the plates because it saves me from burning my hand when I'm serving hot food.  Make sure you check out Green Ostrich's green gifts when you start your holiday shopping!

Color: Midnight Blue
Plate Size: 9.5 inches (24.1 cm)
Plate Weight: 11.9 ounces (338 grams)
Bowl Size: 16 ounces (0.47 liters)
Bowl Weight: 7.2 ounces (203 grams)
Cup Size: 16 ounces (0.47 liters)
Cup Weight: 6.2 ounces (175 grams)
Description: Four (4) dishwasher-safe midnight blue cups, four (4) dishwasher-safe midnight blue plates, and four (4) dishwasher-safe midnight blue bowls made from 100% recycled, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and melamine-free plastic
Manufacturer: Preserve

My readers will receive 5% off any purchase made between now and 1/31/2010 by using the coupon code "Readaholic".

Disclosure: I received this product for free. Opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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