Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Halloween

Guest post written by Claire Benson

More than ay Halloween wish that I have, I hope that I just don't hear about any crazy Halloween accidents. It seems like on November 1st there's always some scary news story about someone getting into some freak Halloween accident, so it really makes me worry about the kids in my neighborhood when they go trick or treating.

I was online the other looking up some resources having to do with Halloween safety to pass out to kids in my neighborhood before the big candy filled night, when I came across the site and looked through all of it. I switched my internet service over to it right after that too.

I found some great Halloween safety tips and made them into little lists that I attached to bags of candy that I just went and handed out to the neighborhood kids. I guessed that if I gave them candy along with them that they would feel obliged to read the tips a little more, or at least their parents would make them.

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