Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Review: Fancy Pals™ - The Original Toy Pet Carriers

One of Aurora’s best selling lines, Fancy Pals, features the original Pet Carriers -- a purse and plush animal in one. The plush animals are interchangeable – kids have fun mixing and trading the animals to other carriers. Three new styles include “Sweet…Sweet…Sweet,” a pink poodle in a heart shaped bag with the word “sweet” embroidered on the side; “I Heart U,” a purple kitten and fancy pink bag embroidered with “I © U”; and “Love” (pictured) featuring an adorable black and white puppy in a flashy pink bag embroidered with shiny hearts and the word “love” (carriers vary from six to eight inches in size, depending on style; MSRP: $12). Visit Aurora online at or on Facebook. Shop Aurora online at

There is one thing that every little girl would be thrilled to have for the holidays. Fancy Pals Plus Purses are absolutely adorable and the best part is, they come with a pet that fits inside. Celebrities are seen all the time with carrying their furry friend in a shoulder bag and now your little girl can too. They are so soft and colorful.  They only cost $12 and the little lady in your life is sure to go ga-ga for Fancy Pals.

Disclosure: The prize is being provided for free.

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