Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Trees are Sleeping Today

Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

The first snow fall, in Central Oregon comes before the official winter solstice, usually in November. It is nice when I am at home and can enjoy how the flakes gently drift to the ground and stick to the bare trees. It almost seems as though the trees are sleeping. In fact, they kind of are as they are dormant this time of year. The house is warm and toasty. Every time I pass a window, I stop and enjoy the lovely site. However, as the weekend draws closer to an end, I am not looking at the first snowfall with such enjoyment.

I know the roads will be icy, which is quite scary to drive. The sleeping trees are barely visible, except for the snow glued to the branches. I also know that when it's time to come home from work it will be dark out. If it's snowing, and has been snowing, it will be nearly impossible to see the road, the painted lines or where the edges of the road are. This is because I have to drive quite a ways over a highway with no overhead street lights. I just hope you can find a big truck's tail lights to follow. They seem to be able to see a bit better at the higher spot in which they ride. Although, on some occasions it has been quite scary, while I find myself asking an angel for help in making it home. Eventually I do make it home. The first think I do, after taking off my snow wear, is to turn on my direct star tv to a funny movie and I don't think about the snow again until the next morning.

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