Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gotta Love Free

A couple of years ago while searching online I made a great discovery. There are tons of companies that offer free samples of their products. I have found out about so many great products that I never would have tried if I had not received a sample.   Who doesn't like free stuff?  Many of my usual brands have been pushed aside because I have found a product that works just as good, if not better and the price is a lot more reasonable.  At first I thought that this had to be a mistake.  After giving my information I found out that it is absolutely free and that companies are choosing to give out free samples instead of spending millions of dollars on a commercial.  They stand behind their product and give consumers like me the chance to do some marketing for them.  I am always telling people about new items that I've tried and what I think about them.  If you ask me, this says a lot about a brand because they wouldn't give their product away if they didn't think it would benefit them in the end.  Plus, all those travel size items are great when you go away for the weekend.  Now you can even get free cell phones!

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