Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Planetary Transformation: A Personal Guide To Embracing Planetary Change

The coming years provide a tremendous opportunity for all of Mankind to awaken into higher awareness and for our physical planet to undergo an amazing transformation. To understand what that implies, we first have to understand the process of this fundamental transformation and what we can do about it.

In Part One of
Planetary Transformation, the author, working from the Higher Consciousness of a Spiritual Master and modern-day prophet, outlines the spiritual roots of the physical upheavals that are manifesting on Earth, providing deeper understanding for the true spiritual seeker. In Part Two readers are given practical meditation techniques that will raise their consciousness and help them deal with the coming changes.

In the turbulent days to come, people will have a choice: Be one of those who are buffeted by events they do not understand. Or be one of those who know what is happening and who will work with the incoming energy of change to help turn planet Earth into an unimaginable world of Harmony, Love, Peace and Unity.  

I consider myself to be a very spiritual person.  I believe in peace and unity and I know that we are all meant to live together in harmony.  I also have never dealt with change very well.  Most of the time I become so overwhelmed that I lose focus and let it take over me.  With Planetary Transformation, I found ways to channel this and by doing so, I have made a positive change within.  I really enjoyed this book.

Sounding-Light Publishing
October 2010
230 pages
$14.95 US

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