Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Business Travel to San Francisco

Author: Joseph Sandoval

One of the best things about what I do is traveling on the company's dollar. The place I usually visit the most is San Francisco, CA. The company sends me up there because that is where we have one of our information technology or IT branches situated. Usually I make visits up to the Bay Area once a month to do a routine check up and whatnot at the end of the month for a variety of things.

I usually have to set up the flight and get a rental car on my own (using the company credit card of course) and I usually fly in on Fridays and leave on Sundays. Since I'm gone for almost 3 days, I always set up the Killeen TX adt home security before I depart. That first Friday the managers at the branch and I get together for dinner and drinks while discussing the latest news both business and personal. The next day is usually spent going through inventory, numbers and checking up on how the branch is running overall. I also check the progress our programmers are making on our software as well as check with the sales staff to make sure the software isn't having any problems. Sundays are the most taxing days as they involve all day meetings going over the monthly reports and objectives as well as laying out future goals.

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