Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deep fried American snack

Guest post written by Logan Holloway

It really is amazing all the different things that you can buy in deep fried form at a county or state fair. That's really the reason that I love going to hte fair. Now, I do like riding rides and everything, but I'm really fine to just sit around and eat all the food that you can buy there the whole time I'm there instead.

I always like to take a look online to figure out exactly what kinds of food they're going to be serving at the fair, so I looked online with my clear internet a few weeks ago and read about all the different things that they were serving up deep fried to customers this year.

So when I actually went to the fair I was really excited to find the rows of food vendors to get my hands on some good deep fried stuff. I ate some fried twinkies, which were even better than regular ones. Now that's really saying a lot because they're my favorite kind of snack and Iove had just about everything else deep fried at the fair that you can imagine.

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