Friday, October 15, 2010

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Review: My Pillow Pets

About Pillow Pets

Since 2003, My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals have been bringing smiles to the faces of all ages. The concept for the snuggly companions was the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, who had grown tired of picking up stuffed animals strewn across her children’s rooms. What began with the goal of transforming a simple stuffed animal into a functional item for children has grown into an amazing jungle of popular retail and wholesale products. For more information, please visit

I like the Pillow Pet so much that I was tempted to keep it for myself!  It's so soft and cuddly!  I made a mistake and left it on the couch and Reese (my dog) took off with it.  She was slinging it back and forth with her mouth.  At first, I was afraid to try to get it from her because then she would think we were playing a game of tug.  After seeing her whip it around a few times, I decided to make my move.  I got it from her and the only difference I noticed in the Pillow Pet was that it was a little slobbery.  These things quality made and can take a good beating.  It's the perfect gift for a child.

Order your authentic, machine washable My Pillow Pets® or Pillow Pets™ plush folding stuffed animal now for the holidays.  Pillow Pets™ are affordable with a “Special TV Offer” of just $19.95 at with any additional Pillow Pet™ priced at $15.95 (up to five), and are also available at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide.

Disclosure: I received this product for free.  Opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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  1. I love these pillow pets.they are so cute and looks o cuddly...need to get some for my grandkids!

  2. I see these on T.V. Daily.. Glad they are worth the annoying jingle that comes with it lol!

  3. Kohl's also carries Pillow Pets (TM) plush folding stuffed animals (real ones, not knock offs).

  4. great girls have been asking for these for the holidays, glad to see they are so useful and fun :)

  5. I agree that these are a great holiday gift. My nephew has one and if he wasn't so near and dear to my heart, I'd swipe it for me. :)

  6. These are very popular at the store where I work. We have a hard time keeping the ladybug one stocked.