Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Unchained: The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood

Ashe Carver, monster-killer, has the scars to prove it. But faced with a custody battle, she's hung up her stakes and taken a job at the public library, determined to show the courts and her ten-year-old daughter that she's as good a mother as she is a hunter.

Easier said than done. There are lovelorn vampires haunting the library, a slime demon in the shopping mall, and her new-mom sister needs a hand with her ghostbusting biz. Then, after centuries guarding a supernatural prison, Captain Reynard strides into her world like a hero from the library's Must Reads. Smokingly gorgeous, passionate and courageous to a fault, he has only weeks to live unless Ashe finds the thief who took his soul.

Ashe picks up her weapons to save the day—but not every problem can be solved with a stake. With so much tragedy in her past, Ashe fears the disaster she sees ahead—and prays she doesn't fail everyone. Again.

Memories are the hardest monsters to kill.

I got so caught up in this book that I became sad when I read the last page.  I'm adding Sharon to my favorite author's list.  She's right up there with Kim Harrison!  Her writing flows and her characters have a way of coming to life.

Dark Forgotten Series
Penguin Group (USA)
July 6, 2010
384 pages
$7.99 US

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