Friday, October 8, 2010

Steelers football with my husband

Posted by Von Battle

My husband and I have been on the season tickets waiting list for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team for over nine years now. We don't let that stop us from attending as many games as we can though. If we don't get tickets from friends, we will usually buy them off someone via the classified ads section of our newspaper. We are die hard fans and even when we can't go to the stadium to watch our team play, we always watch them on our satellite TV from and big screen television.

Some of my friends were surprised to see just how big of a fan I was when I started going to the games years ago. I think I was actually surprised myself! There is just something about watching the black and gold take to the field and defend their winning record. The atmosphere in the stadium comes alive, and it's nothing that I have experienced anywhere else. Put thousands of Steelers fans together in one area like the stadium, and you will witness something magical.

We usually sit by someone we don't know, since we don't have our season tickets yet. By the end of the game, we are good friends with all those around us. They don't call us Steelers Nation for nothing! We wear our colors with pride, we take our team serious, and we have fun in the process.

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