Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to Bake

I have always loved to bake but lately, I have been loving it even more than I thought possible.  There is something about making cookies or muffins that I find really relaxing.  I love everything about the process.  Using my baking supplies, getting dough on my fingers and the aroma is so inviting.  Pulling them out of the oven is my favorite part.  Looking at the finished product always gives me a confidence boost.

I gave my nephew a play kitchen and he keeps it at grandma's.  Last night they made a cake together and Damien put some icing in he play skillet and went over and stuck it in the play oven.  When he was took it out, he stuck his finger in it and tasted it and said "mmm".  I think he's going to take after Aunt Bridget when it comes to baked goods.  The dogs went nuts too because Damien likes to share his food with them.  Sometimes he is pretty obvious about it but other times, he tries to be sly.  All this talking about baking makes me want a piece of cake.  Lucky for me, part of the Halloween cake Mom and Damien made is here.    

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