Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday floral centerpiece

Guest post written by Marie Henderson

I love to always keep some fresh flowers in the house and a lot of the time actually, I just pick them from my garden and use those instead of running out and getting or having bouquets delivered. But I wanted to put together a special centerpiece for our dining room table during the holiday season. Especially one that I could change the floral bouquet out of in case it started to get old before the holiday season ends.

I went online to try and get some ideas for a centerpiece that I could make myself, well, except for the flowers part. So when I was online trying to find some ideas for that I ran across this site and after reading through it, decided to sign up for internet service through that company.

I settled on making a poinsettia centerpiece, because in my opinion, nothing says Christmas like some poinsettias. Plus, I have a pretty big dining room table and I think that the poinsettias will be the perfect size to fill up the table appropriately.

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