Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apple Store Coupons

Like I have said before, I am a bit addicted to savings.  Whether it's by using coupons, promos or free shipping deals, I try to save every penny I can.  One thing I learned was how easy it is to save money and still get the items you want.  I know a lot of people who pay full price for everything and they are shocked when I tell them how much I spent for the exact same item.

When my husband and I started looking at computers, our first step was to talk to my dad.  He knows a lot about Apple computers and that was what we wanted to buy.  While searching for Apple Store coupons, we found a lot of really great deals.  We have been talking about maybe getting an iPhone and the first thing we will look for is Apple Store coupon codes.  One really great thing is that even if you can't find a deal good enough right away, if you hold out for a little while, you will find an Apple coupon code that will make the wait worth it.  Then, you can use the money you save to make purchases at iTunes or to buy a game to play on your new computer.

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