Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gossip Girl

Contribution by Archie Watts

Gossip Girl has turned into one of the leading shows on television for a glimpse into the world of fashion. This show has inspired teenage girls everywhere to become fashionistas and put an edge into their personal style. Gossip Girl is a television series which centers around the lives of New York socialites and features the drama of the daily lives of these socialites. There are love affairs and all sorts of romances that happen on Gossip Girl.

I love watching Gossip Girl on my satellite tv from http://www.tvbydirect.com/directv-deals.html. I always love to see what the characters are wearing on this show, so I can gain fashion ideas for my own life. I love applying the ! styles I see on this show into my own life. I think one of the best things a person can take away from Gossip Girl are the different styles on the show. This show truly reveals a light into the fashion world unlike any other. The characters have a sort of chic and bohemian style in all of the clothes they wear on this show. It can be a real treat to see what one of the actresses, Blake Lively, is wearing on the show every week.

Every time a designer's clothing or accessories are featured on Gossip Girl, that designer usually soars to success. This show has a powerful impact on the world of fashion.

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