Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AUNT DIMITY AND THE LOST PRINCE by Nancy Atherton #Giveaway

Tucked in her honey-colored stone cottage, just outside the charming town of Finch, Lori Shepherd is overcome by a case of the February blues. With Bill away on business and the twins school closed due to heating issues, Lori is overcome with relief when her young, energetic neighbor Bree Prym shows up at her doorstepdonning a wild new spiky red hairdoand asks to stay with Lori for the week. At Brees suggestion, they decide to venture to Skeaping Manor, known for its unsightly displays of skeletons and shrunken heads, and much to Loris delight a fine collection of porcelain, silver, jade, and woodcuts as well.

While browsing the collection, Lori meets a most peculiar and imaginative young girl named Daisy Pickering, the sweet but poor nine-year-old daughter of the museums weekend cleaning woman, whose attention is focused on an exquisitely wrought silver salt cellar shaped like an ornate Russian sleigh. The next day while sifting through items at Aunt Dimitys Attic charity shop, Lori discovers the silver sleigh in the pocket of the very same oversized-jacket she saw Daisy Pickering in the day before and Lori fears the little girl may have pocketed the item.

However, it soon becomes clear that something more complicated is afoot. The museum curator wont acknowledge the theft at all and Lori learns that the Pickering family has abruptly moved to Australia. Stranger still, a young friend of Daisys tells Lori a story Daisy told her about a lost prince called Mikhail, locked-up in a big house against his will, who needs to be saved. Lori and Bree follow Daisys mothers footsteps as they search for the silver sleighs rightful owner, leading them into an array of fine country manors that conceal interlocking secrets, each more confounding than the last. With Aunt Dimitys otherworldly guidance, Lori embarks on a mystery rooted in the blood-drenched soil of the Russian Revolution.

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  1. I like Aunt Dimity's furry friends. My favorite is Hubbell (the first picture).

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  2. I liked the part where the author was talking about accidentally killing off a character twice. She wrote it so well and funny that I was giggling.

  3. i like all the cats and dogs

  4. the author lives in colorado springs

  5. I too love to travel. I enjoyed her photos of her trip to England.

  6. I love traveling.
    Thanks for the chance.

  7. I learned it is also available for kindle!


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  8. A lot of her stories are about animals

  9. Learned that the mysteries are pretty mild and cozy. I've read all the books in the series -- hope to read this one soon!