Friday, October 15, 2010

Something to do with our leaves

Guest post written by Sam Cook

If there's one thing that I hate doing, it's raking leaves. So I bought a leaf blower years ago so I could avoid raking them, even if I had to do something with all of them. But then there's the trouble of what to do with them once you've got them all together.

As a kid, I used to jump in piles of leaves all the time. That was until I had a bad experience and actually jumped into a big pile with bugs on it, some of which got on me. Needless to say I have jumped in any piles of leaves since then. But this year I wanted to actually put the leaves to use instead of just burning them in a bonfire like I usually do, which I found out is actually bad for the environment. So I got online with my new internet service that I found through and looked for some ideas. I ended up settling on just ordering some of those garbage bags that look like jack o lanterns and am going to put the leaves in them and leave them in the yard as part of our Halloween decorations.

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