Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cars 2 Activity #5: Guido Bookend


Template for Guido Bookend (shown below)
Cardstock or craft paper (black, 2 shades of blue, white, gray, and another color to use for a background if you like)
Glue stick
Colored markers (brown and black)
Glue sealer that dries clear, and a small foam brush (optional)
Two 3-inch lengths of pipe cleaner
Glue dots
Metal bookend (the one shown here is 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide)

1. Print the template and use the pieces as patterns to cut shapes from the specified colors of
2. Glue the wheel hubs piece onto the forklift base, as shown.
3. Glue the cab and cab roof in place.

4. Now assemble the windshield by gluing the top and bottom pieces atop the windshield base.
Then glue the windshield onto the forklift.
5. Glue the teeth onto the mouth, and then glue the mouth in place.

6. Use the markers to draw eyes on the windshield and grin lines at the corners of the mouth.
7. If you choose to seal the forklift, brush on a coat of the glue and let it dry (this won't take long).
8. Meanwhile, make each fork by gluing together two of the paper cutouts with a pipe cleaner
length sandwiched between them, as shown.
9. Bend each fork at a 90-degree angle and glue it to the front of the forklift.
10. Use glue dots to stick the assembled forklift to the outside surface of the bookend. If you like,
cover the outer surface of the bookend first with colored paper for a background.

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