Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Simpsons

This guest post from Efren Gill

Of all television shows actively still on primetime TV, the one show with the longest successful tenure continues to be The Simpsons.  The Simpsons are definitely my favorite animated series and among my favorite television shows of all time.  The Simpsons continue to produce new shows on Fox, but the best episodes of all time are re-runs which continue to be shown on syndicated TV throughout the week.

The Simpsons, which first debuted over 20 years ago, continue to be one of the most lighthearted and comedic shows on TV.  Homer Simpson, who is the main character on the show, is quite possibly the most popular television character in television history and provides viewers with plenty of laughs.  Also supporting Homer on the show is his wife Marge, his children Lisa, Bart, and Maggie, and a variety of other characters who have made the show extremely successful over the past two decades.

Going forward the show is bound to remain as one of the most popular animated programs on TV.  As the show continues to progress, I fully plan to continue watching both new and old episodes on by

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