Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Husband, The Plumber

Over 3 years ago, my husband got Shingles. Gross, I know, but that's not the point of the story... While we were at the hospital, our pipes underneath our sink busted and water sprayed everywhere for 6 hours! So when we came home my husband was on pain killers and still in extreme pain only to find that we walked into 2 inches of water and a fountain still coming out from underneath the sink.

Needless to say, there were a few words yelled while he ran outside to shut off the main water valve to the house. He ripped off his shirt because it hurt enough rubbing against his bare nerves (shingles) and almost started crying. All he wanted to do was come home and go to bed. I felt so bad for him. I was about 5 months pregnant with our son Jordan so I couldn't even be close to him because of the risk of me getting it and spreading it to our unborn son.

My house has an open layout so when the sink pipes busted, it sprayed water all over the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and living room... Everything was soaked and quickly getting ruined. I called my Mom, and Corey's brothers and Dad and asked them to come help us even though it was almost 4:00 in the morning.

They of course came over and started to help but Corey had to go to work on the plumbing problems alone since nobody else knew what to do with it. Corey is very good at fixing all different sorts of things, but I tease him because plumbing is definitely not his forte. When shopping at the hardware store for anything that remotely has to do with pipes or couplings, he is standing in the aisle for a half hour trying to find what he needs. We always end up having to go back to return or exchange something in the end...

I guess that's why we make such a great team... I can usually walk up and find exactly what he's looking for in less then 5 minutes. (He just won't admit that to anyone.)

But finally after 3 months and over $20,000 later, we got to move back into our house. Thankfully our insurance paid for us to stay in a hotel while the repairs were being done so we got to sleep in separate beds since Corey was still contagious. But since we did all of the repairs ourselves we still had to work. I would have to say that was the most miserable 3 months of my pregnancy but I got practically a brand new house out of it, which I'm thankful for in a weird way.

What we didn't know was that all that water was setting up to become mold, which is another story for another time...

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