Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Shari's Berries


My mom is very important to me and I always have the toughest time picking out gifts for her.  It's not that she's hard to please, in fact, it's just the opposite.  She is happy with anything and I think that makes me try harder because I know she deserves the absolute best.  This year, however, I have found the perfect gift and I don't have a doubt in my mind that it is "the one".  The 4 Dipped Cookies & Full Dozen Swizzled Berries are more than mouthwatering.  They are pieces of heaven.  These jumbo-sized strawberries are juicy and there is just the right amount of chocolate covering them.  What surprised me most of all was that my husband liked them.  He's not usually a fan of this type of dessert, so when he told me that he liked them, I knew we had hit the jackpot!  There are so many Strawberries Covered in Chocolate Gift Ideas that are perfect for the best mom in the world - like mine.  I'm thinking about getting a box every month "just because".  The cookies were a nice bonus because one cookie is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

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Disclosure: I received this item for free.

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  1. My husband bought me a dozen of Shari's Berries covered strawberries last year for Mother's Day. My whole family enjoyed them. These are amazingly good and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the size of the strawberries.