Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get More Swagbucks With Swagbucks TV

Have you joined Swagbucks yet?  It's the easiest way to win gift cards, prizes and more.  I have redeemed over $270 worth of gift cards!
- Choose something to watch from the thousands of videos available in categories like Entertainment, Food, Fashion & Beauty and Homes & Gardens - each channel features content from different providers and can educate and entertain you while you earn.

- As you watch videos, the SBTV meter at the top right of the screen fills up - when it reaches 100% after every 10 videos, you earn 3 Swag Bucks, with an overall cap of 150 Swag Bucks each day.
- You can share the videos with friends, and the link you send is referral enabled, which means it also serves as a way to get new referrals to Swagbucks!

1 comment:

  1. I've heard a lot about Swagbucks but haven't read anything from someone whose tried it. Sounds like fun!