Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seeing Is Believing

I actually got my eyes checked last weekend and am happy to say that I do not need glasses or contacts everyday at this moment. I was told that because I use the computer so much, some computer glasses might help alleviate some of my eye strain.  I do a lot of reading too, so I have often thought about getting a pair of reading glasses.  Every time I start to read a mass market paperback, I feel my eyes start squinting and it sometimes gives me a headache.     

My husband on the other hand, does need glasses for everyday use. We are both bargain shoppers when it comes to just about anything. I hardly ever buy products that aren't on sale, have a bargain price already or that I don't have a coupon for. We are so glad that you can purchase cheap eyeglasses that aren't cheaply made.  ZENNI Optical has fashionable, stylish brands that won't break the bank.  They have their own brand and don't use a middleman which is how they are able to sell quality glasses that are affordable.  I found a few pairs that I like and now I just need to have James look on the website and see which pair he likes best.


  1. So lucky you do not have to wear glasses/contacts every day! they are a pain to keep track of, clean, and to stop from being broken by babies.. lol

  2. I've got to have my eyes checked too! I've started having a hard time seeing when I drive, especially at night. I'm in my early 40s & I've never had eye problems before. It could be that I look at a computer screen 18 hours a day. I've never hear of computer glasses. Will have to look into that. I'm glad to have the website you mentioned to go to IF I indeed need glasses. I'm also a bargain shopper & refuse to pay full price!