Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY for the holidays

Guest post written by Courtney Black

This is the first holidays that I've been retired, so I'm really going to try and get the most of it by making a lot of my own decorations and put a lot of thought into all of my gift wrapping. I love doing stuff like that, but never really had the time to do that while I worked, so I'm excited to do all of that this year.

I have so much stuff around the house from over the years that I'm going to try and use that stuff to decorate and wrap gifts instead of going out and buying even more stuff. I decided to get some inspiration as to what I could do with that stuff by looking online and when I was doing that, I saw the website I then read through it some and decided to change our internet service at home to it.

When I was looking for some holiday craft ideas online, I found some really cute printable gift tags that I decided to use to put on gifts. But thatÕs just one of many great ideas I have for this year!

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