Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greeting Cards

With the holiday's so close, I can't help but think about what kind of greeting cards I want to send out.  No one in my family has a baby recently so I know I more than likely won't be getting my favorite kind of card - the baby photo cards.  If you ask me, nothing makes an occasion more special than the face of a baby.  I remember right after my nephew was born, I couldn't get enough of his sweet little face.  I remember opening my Christmas card the year he was born and I loved that card more than any present I got.  I love my little nephew so much and seeing him brightens my day.  Even if I have just seen him the day before.  I can't wait to see the cards my sister and Krista give out this year.  Their kids are no longer babies but every time I look at them, I still see what they looked like the day they were born.  I just had an idea!  Maybe this year, my husband and I will give out cards that show us as babies.  I know that would make my parents smile.  I think I might do that.

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