Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog Tour Review: My Ruby Slippers: The Road Back to Kansas (American Lives) #RubySlippers

Sure, there’s no place like home—but what if you can’t really pinpoint where home is? By the time she was nine, Tracy Seeley had lived in seven towns and thirteen different houses.  Her father’s dreams of movie stardom, stoked by a series of affairs, kept the family on edge, and on the move, until he up and left.  Thirty years later, settled in what seems like a charmed life in San Francisco, a diagnosis of cancer and the betrayal of a lover shake Seeley to her roots—roots she is suddenly determined to search out.  My Ruby Slippers tells the story of that search, the tale of a woman with an impassioned if vague sense of mission: to find the meaning of home.

Seeley finds herself in a Kansas that defies memory, a place far more complex and elusive than the sum of its cultural myths. On back roads and in her many back years, Seeley also finds unexpected forgiveness for her errant father, and, in the face of mortality, a sense of what it means to be rooted in place, to dwell deeply in the only life we have.

I wish that every author would write a memoir because it allows you to look deep into the life of someone else.  That's exactly how I felt while reading My Ruby Slippers: The Road Back to Kansas (American Lives).  Tracy paints a picture worth a thousand words and it's obvious that she poured her entire soul into writing this book.  Heartfelt, entertaining and intriguing, My Ruby Slippers should be read by book lovers everywhere.

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