Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Check Out The Funny Pictures On uberhumor.com

When I am feeling down or angry, I like to search online for extremely funny pictures. I truly do believe that laughter is the best medicine and without it, I would not be where I am today.  My husband and I have made a habit of looking up different jokes and things online.  When he gets home, I am going to share Uber Humor with him and see if he gets a kick out of it.

I wish that I had found this website when my husband was in the military.  I used to print off different jokes and funny pictures and send them to him.  It would have been nice to have added this to letters.  Just the other day, we were talking about how important mail is to soldiers and he told me how much it meant to be able to laugh while fighting in a war.  

Today has been a bit of a tough day.  I don't really know why but I needed something to lighten my mood.  My first thought was that I needed to laugh.  After watching a few funny videos, my spirits were lifted.  What do you do when you need to calm down? 


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