Thursday, October 29, 2015

5 Top Tips If You're Buying Things For Your Bedroom

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Are you planning on purchasing a new mattress?  If so, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind when you go shopping:

1. Spend the extra money.  I know that it is tempting to purchase a cheaper mattress or comforter but your sleeping comfort is worth a lot.  Make sure you take that into account when you go shopping.  Just consider how much time you spend in bed each and every day.  How nice would it be to actually sleep comfortably?

Also, isn't that t better to fork over a little little bit more to get something that is going to last longer?  I am a bargain shopper in many areas of my life. Sometimes this is a good thing.  Other times it actually costs more money because the item doesn't hold up which means that I end up having to buy a replacement.  

2. Shop around.  If you go out and purchase the first bed you find, chances are you will regret your decision.  Chances are that the exact mattress you decide to purchase will be cheaper in at least one location.  You also may find that one retailer offers a better warranty.  It irks me when I buy a mattress at one place and find out that I could have ended up with the exact same one and received an extended warranty or a free gift.

3. Read the reviews.  One of the best things about the internet is that you can find out what other shoppers have to say about their most recent purchases.  Make sure that you actually read the whole review, don't just look at the number of stars in the rating.  You will often see that the person leaving the review will give it five stars but list things that they don't like about the item.  I have also seen many reviewers give a product a one star rating and it will be based on a minor flaw.  Most of the time, they didn't read the product description thoroughly.  They thought that the product had a certain feature but it didn't.

4. Buy new bedding.  Did you know that using the right bedding can also help you sleep better?  Think about it.  You're head and neck need to be supported, so finding the right pillow can take a good night's sleep and turn it into a great night sleep. 

My new comforter is huge, thick and soft.  Every time I lay down and wrap the comforter around me, I can literally feel some of the stress from the day just fall right off.  I get all snuggled up and I start to feel happy.  I have noticed that when I fall asleep happy, there is a better chance that I will wake up happy.  You should try it. 

5. Don't feel guilty.  You work really hard and you deserve to have nice things. Take care of yourself and remember that you deserve a good night's rest at the end of a long day!

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