Monday, October 26, 2015

Silicone Pastry Mat #PastryMat #review

**I received this product for free for review purposes.**

I find that baking can be really relaxing, especially when I have great products to help me bake the perfect dessert.  Over the weekend I was able to try out my new  Silicone Pastry Mat

I had never used a pastry mat before.  Normally, I just scrub the counter clean and then end up making a mess with my baking supplies.  This time, I was able to spread out my new pastry mat on the countertop and roll my dough right there on the mat. 

The mat has a non-stick surface and didn't slip all over the counter.  Cleaning up was so simple!  All I had to do was wipe off my new mat and stick it in the dishwasher.  Easy peasy!

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