Thursday, October 22, 2015

DBs Move Bluetooth Sport Headphones #wirelesssportheadphones #review

**I received this item for free for review purposes.**

The quality of the DBs Move Bluetooth Sport Headphones is exceptional.  My husband turned the volume all the way up and held them out for me to hear.  Even though I was a foot and a half away, I could hear the music clearly.  Usually when you turn the volume up that loud on a pair of headphones the sound is awful.

My husband went to the other side of our home and I called him so we could find out how they worked during calls.  We were able to hear each perfectly.  Even when we whispered.  He called me and it was the same result.  They are awesome!  He has claimed these bluetooth headphones as his own.  He's lucky I love him.  =)

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