Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pluck The Strays With Care Excellency Tweezers #review

**I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review.**

Purple is my favorite color.  One of the best things about a woman is that there are so many different kinds of beauty tools and a lot of them can be rather stylish.  That's how I feel about my new Care Excellency Tweezer in Lilac.

As I have gotten older, stray hairs seem to pop out out of nowhere.  I hate thick black hairs and want to remove them as soon as I lay eyes on them.  Now I get to pull out my pretty purple tweezers and take care of the problem quickly and easily.  I really like how the tweezers fit in my hand.  They make it really easy to get a strong grip on the even the thinnest of hairs. 

It is a lot easier to take care of yourself when it comes to grooming if you have products that work.  It also helps when those products are pretty because it makes you feel special.  Or, at least, it makes me feel special.

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