Sunday, October 18, 2015

#HandsOnGlovesEquineCanineGrooming #review

**I received this product free of charge. I also received monetary compensation for my time. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.**

My husband and I recently adopted another dog and he is truly the perfect addition to our family. We were so excited to introduce him to our new home and extremely comfy sectional. Yes, we allow our dogs on our furniture. Anyway, as soon as Teegan jumped up and laid down on the couch, we knew that we were going to have a massive amount of dog hair sitting with us.

When we adopted him, it looked like he hadn't been bathed in a long time.  This situation needed to be rectified and rectified soon.  When we gave him his first bath in his new home, there was so much hair!  I sat down in the floor and brushed him for what felt like forever.

When I found out about the HandsOn Equine & Canine Grooming and Deshedding Gloves, I thought that they might be the tool I need to keep his shedding under control.  You see, Teegan was abused and he needs a lot of love and attention.  I spend a lot of my time talking to him and petting him. I was afraid that the gloves might scare him and honestly, they did at first.  I let him sniff them so he could see what they were and that they weren't going to hurt him. 

Using the gloves, I was able to remove a lot of hair!   I was really surprised at how well they worked.  The little nubbies great at pulling out the loose hairs without tugging at his fur.  We were so impressed with how well it worked that we decided to try using the HandsOn Gloves to remove clumps of hair from our sectional.

Our other dog Reese has really short fur, so we don't have as much trouble keeping her shedding under control.  I was shocked when we went to use them on her just to test them out and she was in heaven!  She has arthritis and loves massages.  I'm not exactly sure why she gets so excited about the gloves, but I'm glad that I can make her happy. 

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