Friday, October 2, 2015

Spoil Your Skin With Marie Ernst Beauty Bar @MarieErnstUS #review

**I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.**

I don't usually use bar soap on my face because in my experience, it usually dries out my already dry skin.  I was pleasantly surprised with Marie Ernst Beauty Bar.  This is the coolest soap that I have ever seen!  It was delivered in with a cute little bow looking like the present that it is.  One of the bars is a skin moisturizer and the other is skin softener pumice.  When I removed the soap from the boxes, I was giddy like a child. 

One of the reasons that I decided to try the Marie Ernst Beauty Bar is because it is hypo-allergenic and cruelty free.  I hate the idea of beauty products being tested on helpless animals.  You can purchase the beauty bar with or without a scent. 

I thought that the pumice side might be rough against my skin but it wasn't.  I mean, it does exfoliate but it's gentle about it.  After using this beauty bar for the first time, my skin felt brand new.

I only have one criticism and that's that the lemon smell is a bit overwhelming. I got a big whiff of it when I opened the box it was delivered in.  Other than that, I really like everything about this magical bar of soap.  It's amazing how healthy your skin can feel when you use a facial soap that works.

What do you think about the beauty bar?  Is it something you would be interested in using?

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