Thursday, October 29, 2015

EkSel COOL Gloves #coolgloves #review

**I received this product for free for review purposes.**

I am so thrilled with my new EkSel COOL Gloves!  These gloves can be used when you are cooking on the oven, microwave or using a grill.  These gloves are so awesome!  I never realized just how awkward oven mitts are. 

Whenever my husband and I make a casserole in our large casserole dish, we have trouble getting it out when we wear our oven mitts because our hands can't quite fit around it.

Being able to use all five fingers had made cooking a lot easier.  My husband decided to test out the heat protection and held a hot baking sheet while wearing these gloves and we both pretty impressed.  It took a while for the heat even start to make it's way through the glove to his hand. 

I am so happy with these gloves.  They are seriously the best cooking gloves I have ever used. 

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