Saturday, October 17, 2015

Switch Socks #switchsocks #review

**I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review.**

I'm always trying to find comfy yet stylish socks for my husband.  I think I may have just found the perfect brand!  I love the look of these Switch Socks.  I wear funky socks all the time and I like it that there is a pair of men's socks that aren't just one solid, boring color.  I know, I'm not the one wearing them, but it's still nice to know that my hubby can put on a pair of comfy and playful socks whenever the mood strikes him.  Here is what he has to say:

Switch Socks? Possibly.

When I first put the socks on, to be honest, I was slightly disappointed. They felt quite thin, like a pair of dress socks, which made me wonder why they were be categorized as athletic socks. After wearing them for a few hours however, I was more pleased than I originally expected I would be. Yes, the top of the socks are thin, nearly like a dress sock as I mentioned earlier, but they are so much more than that.

The sole of the sock is quite soft and also closer to the regular thickness that you would expect an athletic sock to be. I realized, which seems obvious now, that the top of the sock is thin intentionally so that you feet can breath and not become excessive stinky like a lot of thicker athletic socks cause them to be. These socks are exceedingly comfortable. I actually wore them for 2 days before finally putting them in the laundry. Yes, it was the 2 days of a weekend where I didn't really do much, but still, I didn't want to take them off. I did wear them going out and about a few times, I wore them while taking my dogs for a walk, and I wore them just sitting around the house. My feet did not get hot, sweaty, smelly or any of the other nasty words that could be associated with discomfort or odor.

I really like the styling of the socks as well. They have several color options and designs to choose from. I also like the “S” emblem sewn on the side of each sock. I'm not sure why, but I like it. Probably because I can walk up to people and say, “Hey! Check out my cute little “S”!” The styling is especially nice if you need to wear a dressier outfit, but still want to feel a little “wild” underneath, like you've got a funny little secret or inside joke. I also like that the socks lay perfectly flat and even, rather than laying at an angle like most socks. The heel is on the back, rather than to one side or the other, and the toes are at the bottom instead of being at a 45 degree angle, or so, from the heel. In my opinion, this makes them much easier to put on, fold, and put away. Even after washing and drying, they came out of the dryer the same way they came out of the package. Flat.

Overall, yes, I would definitely recommend these socks to anyone. I would also recommend that a certain someone, who just happens to be posting this on her blog, buy me a few more pairs... hint hint Bridget. So, to answer my original question: Switch Socks? Yes. Yes I would.

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