Sunday, October 4, 2015

Washing The Dogs With BARKLOGIC Lemon Tree Natural Deodorizing Shampoo #review

**I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review.**

My dogs are like my children.  I love them so much and want to do everything I can to keep them happy and healthy.  I am very picky about what products I use on them, what food I feed them and what toys I let them play with.  I recently used BARKLOGIC Lemon Tree Natural Deodorizing Shampoo on Reese and Teegan. 

Usually whenever I see that something is lemon scented, I think two things.  One is that it will be nice and clean and the other is that the smell will be strong it will overpower everything.  I was really happy when I opened this shampoo bottle and noticed that the scent was subtle.  BARKLOGIC left Reese and Teegan's hair smelling super clean and feeling super soft.  Reese doesn't really have any issues with her skin and hair but Teegan has allergies.  BARKLOGIC's shampoo is hypoallergenic and was really gentle on his skin.  You can tell that it will be gentle as soon a you squirt a little of the shampoo in your hand.

I can feel good about using this product on them because it is 100% plant and mineral based.  There are no nasty chemicals that I have to worry about.  It makes me feel really great that this product is not tested on animals and it's non-toxic.  It's also made right here in the US which is wonderful.  I am so happy with BARKLOGIC Lemon Tree Natural Deodorizing Shampoo!  I cannot get over how wonderfully soft my dogs coats are.  I think I enjoy petting them even more than they enjoy me petting them.

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