Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aquagenix® Razor 15" Arch Extension Arm #aquagenix #review

**I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.**

I love getting new things for my home.  This is especially true when the product adds character and can be put to good use.  It is just me, my husband and our two dogs living in our home.  We have two full bathrooms.  One is just for us and the other is used whenever both of us need the bathroom at the same time.  It's also where we bathe our dogs.

We have a handheld showerhead in there with a five foot hose.  My dogs are experts at backing themselves into the corner where they are downright impossible to reach.

It was my husbands idea to put the Aquagenix® Razor 15" Arch Extension Arm in the other bathroom and attach it to the handheld showerhead.  It was super easy to install.

The dogs can't hide in the corner of the shower anymore.  They aren't too thrilled about this but it's making our lives a lot easier! 

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