Thursday, October 8, 2015

TerraCherié Natural Body Brush #drybrushing #review

**I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review.**

I love taking showers.  I love how it feels when the water hits my skin and I especially love feeling fresh and clean.  My routine only takes about ten to fifteen minutes and I treasure every second.  I have used loofahs for years now and before that I just used washcloths.

I recently received my TerraCherié Natural Body Brush in the mail and it is has been my first experience with a body brush.  The first couple of times I used it, it was pretty rough which I expected.  After a few uses, it began to soften up.  The body brush has a separate brush and handle so that you can use the brush by itself if you want.  I was afraid that the brush would disconnect from the handle because the only thing holding them together is pressure.  I didn't have any issues with this.  The only thing that I would change, would be to add a snap or locking bump so that even after a ton of uses, the handle would stay attached.

It was really awkward (which is to be expected) trying to use this for the first time.  You have to remember that I am used to the little loofahs, so having something this big is going to take some getting used to.  It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, just a little weird.  I really like how it exfoliates.  I definitely feel cleaner after using the TerraCherié Natural Body Brush which is what showering is all about.  I am really happy with my new body brush!

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