Saturday, October 31, 2015

JDB Apple Certified Lightning Cable With Micro Usb Connector #lightningtousbcable #review

**I received this product at a discounted price for review purposes.**

I am excited about my new JDB Lighning Micro USB Connector!  It is quite possibly my favorite charger!  The cable is Apple Certified so you don't see  those annoying warning messages saying "unauthorized charger".  This cable comes in really handy for both me and my husband because I have an Android phone and he uses an iPad.  We are able to use the same charger on both devices.  The JDB Lighning Micro USB Connector works perfectly!  I love the color accents too!

My husband was so thrilled with this charger that he made a little something special for you to see.  I have never seen him so excited about a charging cable.

Reference ID code pmcc641b84fe286ae4728e058cea554090

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