Thursday, November 18, 2010

And I thought I didn't like romance

Guest post written by Aubrey Turner

I like my books to have some bite, but not like with vampires. I like for them to be funny and also to be a little crazy with all kinds of plot twists and turns and conspiracy theories that turn out to be right. Think Chuck Palahnuick, the guy that wrote the book Fight Club. So when my roommate told me that I had to read this romance book, I turned my nose up at it. But she's pretty persistent. We have that in common, so I finally gave in and read this book The Last Song.

If I had found out that Miley Cyrus was in teh movie adaptation of the book, I'd be even less likely to read it but I didn't find that out until I went online to find some wimax 4g internet deals.

My boyfriend was really suprised when he saw the Nicholas Sparks on my nightstand in my room and thought that it was a joke at first because he knwos my reading taste really well.

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