Thursday, November 4, 2010

Care-Bears: Share Bear Shines Movie

It's time for the Twinklets' migration over Care A Lot, but the Bears wait all night without spotting any Twinklets. When a single Twinklet appears and falls to the ground, Share decides to take matters into her own hands. The other Bears are skeptical about the existence of the mythical Princess Starglo, but Share is convinced that the Princess can solve the mystery of the missing Twinklets. So, with the lone Twinklet (now called Gleamer), Share sets off secretly to find Princess Starglo. When Share and Gleamer reach Glitter City and find the Princess, things are worse than they thought. Princess Starglo is shutting off the stars, because no one believes in her anymore. Meanwhile, back in Care A Lot, the other Bears discover that Share is missing and go after her. The Bears convince Princess Starglo that they do believe and together, find a way to rescue the Twinklets and relight the stars in the sky.

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