Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Review: Shirts That Go

The Fire Truck t-shirt is inspired by the fire engines and rescue vehicles that our children love. We all like to see a fire truck but kids and toddlers just love these like no other vehicle. Perhaps it is the color, or the size, or the lights, one thing is for sure it is hard to miss a fire engine with lights on and sirens screaming. When kids see these machines and the other vehicles we feature in our kids t-shirt line it is for many their first wonderings about careers. How many of us have young kids that want to be a police officer or a pilot? These jobs make sense to them even at a young age because the amazing vehicles give them a window into what it is about. 
From Shirts That Go

My nephew's current obsessions are Spider-man, Toy Story and Fire Trucks.  When I was told that I could pick out one of my favorite
kids t-shirts from Shirts That Go, it didn't take long to make my selection.  The Kids fire truck t-shirts are adorable and I knew that it would make a great new tee for him to wear to preschool.  I wish I had a camera ready when I gave it to him because he started cheesing so hard I thought his face was going to get stuck in that position.  A tee from Shirts That Go would make the perfect gift for your little one.

Note that ShirtsThatGo has two exciting new designs brewing for the holidays so check back often.  These are a kids pirate ship t-shirt and a kids ice cream truck t-shirt and they should be ready by the end of November.

Our kids t-shirts are the ideal gift for the little vehicle lover in your family. Our line of tees for toddlers and kids includes fire truck t-shirts, train t-shirts, airplane t-shirts, and garbage truck t-shirts all made in the USA. Shipping is free!

Enter the coupon code "bridget" and get 10% off any single tee order.

You can find Shirts That Go on Facebook & Twitter.

Disclosure: I received this product for free.  Opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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