Monday, November 8, 2010

A Monthly Girl Outing

Post contributed by Tyree Camacho

I consider myself a very lucky girl considering I have an awesome group of best friends. There's a total of 6 of us that have been friends since the 4th grade (2 have been friends since kindergarten!). We are all approaching 30, so yeah, that's a pretty long time if you ask me.

To keep our friendship strong, we always try to get together at least once a month and go out for dinner and a movie. The movie may be the fun part, but deciding where to go can get pretty hectic among a group of 6 picky girls with completely different tastes. The best part is that we're all fairly open minded and willing to compromise.

Yesterday was this month's girl outing for us and we all, surprisingly decided on watching Salt, since we're all Angelina Jolie fans. Everyone met up at my place to eat before we left. I made sure to set my home security alarm from before going to the theater to make sure my home would be safe. We rode in 2 cars and met up at the theater downtown.

Once at the theater, it was helpful that we all like suspense movies, although we're also suckers for romantic movies. Salt was a really good movie and we all left happy. I look forward to seeing my girls next month!

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